What is Ashes of Aeldaria?

Ashes of Aeldaria is an illustrated novel being released in volumes via Amazon & Kindle. Director Kino has teamed up with author T.L. McDonald & our artist Cat to bring you an on-going adventure inspired by live events from a tabletop RPG lead by Kino himself & witnessed by our master wordsmith.

Four brave adventurers set out to explore the lands of our world, meet the many characters that fill it, and do battle with the numerous foes that stand in their path. At each decision point whether internal or external, these tales will come to life by the works o‍‍‍f our dedicated team.

Ashes of Aeldaria will serve as the basis for all future Aeldaria-related lore and‍‍‍‍‍‍ events.


Ashes of Aeldaria

Memories of Aeldaria